KGS3-KY-12Z metal clad withdrawable medium voltage switchgearGeneral hand type h
 KGS3-KY-12Z(7.2) mine general high pressure vacuum switch cabinet, mainly used in the central control room, car yard, main air duct and main air duct distribution chamber power supply system where there is no gas and coal dust explosion under the mine.It is used for distribution protection and control of three-phase ac 50HZ voltage 3.6kv, 7.2kv or 12kV electrical equipment. It can also be used for direct starting or step-down starting downhole fan and high voltage motor of water pump through dry reactor.The switchgear is also suitable for coal mine surface substation and metallurgical, petroleum, chemical and other power supply systems.   

   KGS3-KY-12Z(7.2)型矿用一般型高压真空开关柜, 主要用于矿井下无瓦斯煤尘爆炸的场所中央控制室、 车场、 总通风道和主要通风道配电峒室的供电系统中.作为三相交流50HZ电压3.6kV、 7.2kV或12kV电气设备的配电保护和控制之用,亦可用于直接起动或经干式电抗器降压起动井下风机及水泵高压电机。本开关柜同样适用于煤矿地面变电站和冶金、 石油、 化工等供电系统。

Delta installation height not exceeding 1000m above sea level.

Ambient temperature: -5℃.

Delta daily average relative humidity is less than 95%(+25℃).

Delta in the mine without gas and coal dust explosion hazard area.

No violent shock or impact.

Delta in an environment free of corrosive metals and gases and vapors that destroy insulation.

Seismic intensity less than 8 degrees.

Delta when the use conditions beyond the above scope, please consult with the user and our company to determine the permissible scope and technical measures.

△ 安装高度不超过海拔1000m。
△环境温度: -5℃。
△当使用条件超出上述范围时, 请用户与我公司协商确定允许范围及技术措施。

Product features

 KGS3-KY-12Z general high pressure vacuum switchgear for mining (hereinafter referred to as "switchgear") is a product developed by itself on the basis of absorbing advanced foreign product technology.It has the characteristics of novel structure, convenient operation and maintenance, small size, light weight, large breaking capacity, safety and reliability.  


 KGS3-KY-12Z型矿用一般型高压真空开关柜(以下简称开关柜)是在吸取国外先进产品技术的基础上,自行开发的产品。 它具有结构新颖、 操作维护方便、 体积小、 重量轻、 开断能力大、 安全可靠等特点。

High voltage switchgear structure

The structure of high voltage switchgear is designed according to GB/T 12173-2008 "general electrical equipment for mine use" and GB 3906-2006 "3.6kv - 40.5kv ac metal enclosed switch equipment and control equipment".The high-pressure switch cabinet is composed of two major parts: fixed cabinet body and extractable part {short for handcart}. The shell of the cabinet body and the partition of each functional unit are connected by bolts. The prevention grade of the shell of the high-pressure switch cabinet is IP43.

High voltage switchgear housing and compartment

High-voltage switchgear with clapboard adopts imported aluminum zinc steel plate and shell by the CNC machine tool processing and multiple overlapping flanging process is adopted to make the whole cabinet put oneself in another's position not only has high accuracy, high mechanical strength, strong corrosion resistance and resistance to oxidation, and USES multiple ruffled overlap and make cabinet put oneself in another's position than other similar welding equipment cabinet to take the overall advantages of light weight and high mechanical strength.The cabinet body is assembled and connected by riveting nut and high strength bolt.Switchgear cabinet is divided into handcart room, bus room, cable room and instrument room {low voltage room} by partition. A compartment is independently grounded with the shell.Switch cabinet door plate, after sealing plate, side screen using electrostatic powder spray technology, improve its surface impact resistance, corrosion resistance, ensure the surface quality

And beautiful appearance.

Delta handcart

The frame of handcart is made of steel plate after being processed by CNC machine.Hand luck and cabinet insulation coordination, mechanical interlocking safe, reliable and flexible.The handcart is divided into vacuum circuit breaker handcart, mutual inductor PT handcart, measuring handcart, isolation handcart and so on.The height, width and depth of all kinds of handcart are uniform, the handcart of the same specification can be interchangeably, the handcart has isolation/test and working position in the switch cabinet, each position is equipped with positioning device to ensure reliable interlock, and must be operated according to the "five prevention" interlock operation procedure.All kinds of hand vehicles use high strength push and pull lever to push or exit, its operation is light and flexible, suitable for the operation of the personnel on duty.When the handcart needs to move out of the switch cabinet, as long as the handcart push and pull lever to buy horizontal position, handcart push and pull lever into handcart track for handcart sliding, only light handcart can easily take out handcart for inspection, maintenance.Small size, light weight, inspection, maintenance is very convenient.

Delta handcart chamber

A guide rail (the width of the guide rail is the same as the width of the hand $push and pull lever) is installed at the bottom of the handcart room for the handcart to slide from the disconnection position/test position to the working position in the cabinet.There is a metal curtain board in the handcart room, which is installed on the upper and lower contact box of the handcart room.When the handcart moves from the isolation/test position to the working position, the metal flap plate on the upper and lower static contact box will automatically open, and the metal flap plate will automatically close when the handcart moves in the opposite direction, until the handcart falls back to a certain position and completely covers the static contact box, forming an effective isolation.As the upper and lower metal curtain plate can be operated separately, the live side metal curtain plate can be locked during maintenance, thus ensuring that the operator does not touch the live body.When the door of the hand truck is closed, the operation is powered ON. The position of hand truck in the cabinet can be seen through the observation window, and the ON/OFF mechanical position indicator ON the hand truck can also be seen.The cabinet door is equipped with the switch ON (for closing the circuit breaker) OFF (for opening the circuit breaker).

Bus compartment

Bus compartment is the main bus from a single switch cabinet splicing through connection, fixed by branch bus and static contact box.The main bus and connecting bus are copper bars with rectangular section, or copper shape with rounded rectangular section.Branch busbar is connected to static contact and main busbar by bolts, and no other support is needed.For special needs, bus available heat shrinkable casing and coupling bolt insulation sleeve and end cap cover, adjacent ark with epoxy resin insulating casing, the connection between bus which retain the air cushion, if there is a internal arc fault, can prevent the melting, epoxy resin insulating casing can effectively limit the accident in this rack and not spread to other container.

Cable compartment

Switch cabinet use in - set type, so the cable compartment space is larger.The current transformer and ground switch {if needed} are installed on the rear wall of the compartment. The lightning arrester, over-voltage absorption device, zero-sequence current transformer and special voltage transformer for incoming line are installed at the lower part of the compartment.The inlet and outlet cables in the cable room are connected to conductors, and each phase can be connected to 1-2 single-core cables.Cable connecting cabinet is low prepared with cable fixing bracket and open seam removable or non-touching metal sealing plate. The metal sealing plate is equipped with pagoda-type rubber sheathing for primary and secondary wires to ensure the convenience of cable construction.

Instrument compartment

The meter compartment can be equipped with microcomputer automatic protection device, mechanical relay protection components, meters, control circuit press button, live monitoring indicator and special requirements of the secondary

Equipment.The control line is laid in the slot with enough space to isolate the secondary line from the high pressure chamber.On both sides of the instrument compartment, there are reserved holes for the introduction and extraction of small busbars for the convenience of connecting small busbars.

Delta prevents misoperation of interlock devices

The switch cabinet is equipped with safe and reliable interlock device, which fully meets the requirements of "five defense".

A. The instrument door is equipped with a suggestive push button or KK switch to prevent the circuit breaker from misclosing or misopening.

B. The circuit breaker can only be operated in the test or working position of the circuit breaker handcart, and the hand cannot move after the circuit breaker is closed, which prevents the circuit breaker from being pushed and pulled by load by mistake.

C circuit breaker handcart in test or working position, but no control voltage, can only manually break, can not be noisy.

D. When the circuit breaker handcart is in the working position, the secondary plug is locked and cannot be removed.

E. When the circuit breaker handcart is in working position, open the front door circuit breaker to automatically trip, realizing the important safety protection measure of "opening and power off".

Outstanding characteristics of high pressure switchgear

The volume is the smallest of similar products, the external size of the cabinet z cabinet width 800mm, 1000mm (for reactor starting} × deep 1100mm high 1770mm.It is very convenient for installation and transportation in underground coal mine.At the same time can save room space, which saves a lot of manpower and financial resources.

Used for ground substation overall dimension 800mm wide, 1000mm deep 500mm high 2200mm.

Delta ground device

A 5x40mm2 grounding copper bar is set up separately in the cable room to connect through the adjacent switchboard, and the first end or end of the grounding copper bar is connected with the grounding network in the room {or distribution room}.The grounding copper bar is in good contact with the cabinet. This grounding bar is used for components with direct grounding.At the same time, the whole cabinet is in a good grounding state, which ensures the safety of the operation personnel to touch the cabinet.

The switch cabinet is flexible and diverse in one time scheme composition.Vacuum circuit breaker, voltage transformer, control transformer, current transformer operating overvoltage protection device and grounding block and other primary components are installed on the circuit breaker handtruck, which is very convenient for maintenance.With power control transformer inlet line, with PT inlet line, with power control transformer feeder, with PT feeder and other schemes, to meet the needs of different users, and ensure the reliability and safety of switchgear.

Secondary protection function to be complete, flexible, can be configured according to different load short circuit voltage, over current, the leakage, insulation monitoring, under-voltage and operating over-voltage protection, protection of traditional relay type components can be selected discrete component, also can choose the electronic integration of comprehensive protection, also can be used with four control {telemetry, remote communication, remote control, remote regulating} function of the microcomputer integrated protection device automation, sent via newsletter network will all information in a timely manner is the highest level of monitoring and scheduling system, realize the power grid operation of automatic detection and control of microcomputer protection} {automation.

Vacuum circuit breaker with fixed spring operating mechanism is the preferred main switch for this switchgear, which has the characteristics of simple structure, few parts, good insulation performance and high operational reliability.In the case of frequent operation, the circuit breaker is really maintenance-free.

This switch cabinet has high protection grade, and the protection grade of shell is IP43.