HKGN8-12 Indoor metal clad high voltage 12kv electric hv switchgear manufacturer
     HKGNS-12型户内铠装固定式金属封闭开关设备(以下简称KGN8开关柜),适用于12kV.及以下三相交流50Hz电力系统。作为接受和分配电能的用户内成套配电装置, 主要用于发电厂、工矿企业配电以及电力系统中变电所的受电、 送电及电动机、变压器的控制与保护等。
HKGNS-12 indoor armored fixed metal enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as KGN8 switchgear), suitable for 12kV. And below three-phase ac 50Hz power system.As a complete set of power distribution equipment in the users who receive and distribute electric energy, it is mainly used for power distribution in power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, as well as the control and protection of substation receiving and sending electricity, motors and transformers in the power system.
 Delta miniaturization

The main electric power in the cabinet has a combination of the original flexible connection, the elimination of all the denominator lines, so that 4000A rated current cabinet not only does not need a cold fan cooling, the volume still protect 840 (wide) x1400 (deep) x2450 (high), far lower than all other cabinets, to ensure high safety, creating the highest level in the world today!

Delta air insulation, safe and reliable

Unique structure makes the cabinet no longer use organic insulation materials, and use air as the main insulation.Because of the large margin of temperature rise, the danger of accelerating insulation aging due to over temperature is avoided. 

The high voltage switchgear and other types of switchgear have the following characteristics:

A) the isolated contact in the switch cabinet is completely exposed to the outside face. It can be observed and measured directly from the front of the cabinet (vacuum state of the glass arc extinguishing chamber can also be observed), which is conducive to heat dissipation and ensures safe operation.The contacts of all kinds of handcart cabinets (middle cabinets) are completely wrapped in the contact box, which is not conducive to heat dissipation, and the temperature rise is monitored by method (the state of arc extinguishing chamber is even more impossible to observe).And long time high temperature will accelerate insulation aging, causing long time low temperature and condensation, flashing danger!

B) the enclosure of this switchgear with protection grade is IP40, IP30 between compartmental Spaces, and IP20 conforming to the mandatory standard gb3906-2006.But the GG-1A switch cabinet main busbar completely bare, no protection level to speak of.XGN2 switch cabinet is difficult to reach IP20 due to the protection level of rotary disconnecting switch installed on baffle board.

C) the switch cabinet can be maintained and repaired on the front, and the installation against the wall will not affect any use.Cable connection of XGN2 switchgear should not be installed against the wall.After the installation of KYN18 and KYN28 cabinets against the wall, the installation personnel shall climb into the cable room from the front for wiring, which is extremely inconvenient.Replacing transformers, grounding switches or cable tests is more difficult.All adjacent side switch cabinets are removed to remove!The risks are huge.KYN28 type medium cabinet, if one of the cabinets is replaced for some reason, should be available

D) the interlock is simple and reliable, and the operation force is less than the 20N standard stipulated by gb1985-2004.It is very convenient to remove an interlock and can be automatically restored.The operating force of ggg-1a and XGN2 switchgear isolation switch is greater than the specified value.KYN18, KYN28 and other types of switchgear maintenance, testing must remove some chain, not to remove the difficulty, more difficult to restore!

F) although the switchgear circuit breaker is fixed and installed, it is convenient to disassemble like the cabinet of a handcart.

E) the wiring scheme of lower busbar and the scheme of installing multiple current transformers are added, especially the scheme of double busbar and the scheme with bypass busbar, which cannot be compared with other cabinet types, so as to meet the user's requirements to the maximum.



    柜内主电力具有组合功能的原件相互柔性连接, 省却了所有分母线, 使得4000A额定电流柜不但不用冷风机冷却,体积仍保护840(宽)x1400(深)x2450(高), 远低于其他所有柜型, 保证了极高的安全性, 创造了当今世界的最高水平!
△空气绝缘、 安全可靠
    独特的结构使得柜内不再使用有机绝缘材料, 而使用空气作为主绝缘。由于温升裕度大, 避免了因超温而加速绝缘老化的危险。
a)本开关柜内发热重点一隔离触头完全暴露在外面部, 从柜正面完全可以直接观察、 测量(还可观察到玻璃灭弧室真空状态), 即利于散热, 又可保证运行安全。而各种手车柜(中置柜)的触头完全包裹在触头盒内, 即不利于散热, 法监测温升(灭弧室状态更无从观察)。而且长时间高温会加速绝缘老化,引发长时间低温又有凝露、闪烁的危险!
b)本开关柜防护等级外壳大IP40,隔室间IP30,符合GB3906-2006强制标准要求的IP20。而GG-1A型开关柜主母线完全裸露, 无防护等级可言。XGN2型开关柜因隔板装旋转隔离开关防护等级很难达到IP20。
c)本开关柜因可在正面进行维护、 检修, 靠墙安装不影响任何使用。 XGN2 型开关柜后电缆接线不能靠墙安装。 KYN18、 KYN28等中置柜靠墙安装后, 安装人员要从前面长距离爬进电缆室接线, 极其不方便。 更换互感器、 接地开关或做电缆试验更加困难。 一侧所有相邻的开关柜全部移开才以取出!隐患巨大。KYN28 型中置柜如某一台柜因故更换, 由要有
d)联锁简单可靠, 操作力少于GB1985-2004规定的确20N的标准。解除某项联锁十分方便, 还可自动恢复。GG-1A、 XGN2 型开关柜隔离开关操作力均大于规定值。KYN18、 KYN28等型号开关柜检修、 试验时须解除某些连锁, 不达解除困难,恢复更加困难!
f)虽然本开关柜断路器固定安装, 但却如同手车柜一样的拆卸方便。
e)增加了下母线的接线方案和可装多只电流互感器的方案, 尤其双母线方案和带旁路母线方案, 其他柜型无法相比, 最大限度的满足用户的使用要求。

Normal service conditions

A) the ambient air temperature shall not exceed 40℃, and the average value measured within 24 hours shall not exceed 35℃, and the minimum temperature shall not be lower than -15℃;

B) elevation not exceeding 1000m

C) temperature conditions

Relative humidity: daily average value shall not exceed 95%;The monthly average is less than 90%

Water vapor pressure: daily average value shall not exceed 2.2kPa;The monthly average does not exceed 1.8kPa.

D) the surrounding air is not visibly polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive and/or flammable gases, vapors or salt spray.


Special conditions of use

A) when the switchgear is installed in an area above 1000m above sea level, the ordering party shall negotiate with the manufacturer to take necessary insulation measures.

B) when the maximum ambient temperature exceeds 40℃, the rated current-carrying capacity of the switchgear must be reconfirmed by the manufacturer when ordering.


a)周围空气温度高不超过40℃, 在且24h内测得的平均值不超过35℃, 最低不低于-15℃;
一相对湿度: 日平均值不超过95%;月平均值不超过90%
d)周围空气没有明显地受到尘埃、烟、腐蚀性和/或可燃性气体、 蒸气或盐雾的污染。





Rated voltage



Power frequency withstand voltage (phase and ground)



Power frequency withstand voltage (fracture)



Lightning shock withstand (Phases, to ground)



Lightning shock withstand (fracture)



Rated frequency



Main bus rated current



Branch circuit rated current



Rated short-term withstand current (including load switch)



Rated peak withstand current (including load switch)



Rated short circuit duration50kA)



Protection level (enclosure/compartment)



Classification of operation continuity



IAC rating (including circuit breaker room, cable room, bus room)



Static load


ABOUT 1000

Dynamic load


ABOUT 5000

External dimension of switch cabinet (width × height × depth)