KYN28A-12 metal clad withdrawable medium voltage switchgearIndoor AC metal clad
    本装置系户内金属铠装抽出式开关设备(以下简称开关设备), 系3.6-12kV三相交流50Hz单母线分段系统的成套配电装置。 主要用于发电厂, 中小型发电机送电、 工矿企事业配电以及电业系统的二次变电所的受电、送电及大型高压电动机起动等。 实行控制保护、 监测之用, 本开关设备满足DL 404-2007, IEC 60298、 GB3906-2006等标准要求, 具有防止带负荷推拉断路器手车、 防止误分合断路器、防止接地开关处在闭合位置时关合断路器、防止误入带电隔室、防止在带电时误合接地开关的联锁功能, 既可配用VS1真空断路器, 又可配用ABB公司的VD4真空断路器。实为一种性能优越的配电装置。

 This device is indoor metal armored draw-out switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear), which is a complete distribution device of 3.6-12kv three-phase ac 50Hz single bus segmental system.It is mainly used in power plants, small and medium-sized generators, industrial and mining enterprises, and secondary substations of electrical system to receive electricity, send electricity and start large high-voltage motors.Implement control protection, monitoring, the switchgear meet DL 404-2007, IEC 60298, GB3906-2006 standard requirements, prevent the loading of push-pull circuit breaker handcart, prevent or circuit breaker, to prevent the earthing switch is in the closed position close circuit breaker, avoid straying into charged across the room, avoid mistake when charged and earthing switch interlock function, as well as with VS1 vacuum circuit breaker, but also with ABB VD4 vacuum circuit breaker.It is actually a kind of distribution device with superior performance.

Operating environmental conditions

Normal conditions

A upper limit of ambient air temperature E, +40℃;Lower limit, - 10 ℃

B altitude: ≤1000M

C relative environmental humidity: the daily average relative humidity is no more than 95%, and the monthly average relative humidity is no more than 90%;

D earthquake: intensity does not exceed 8℃

E. The surrounding air shall be free from obvious pollution such as corrosive or combustible gases, 7.1< steam, etc.

F. Without severe pollution and frequent violent vibration, the design of harshness meets the requirements of category 1 under severe conditions.


Special working conditions:

* in case of use in excess of the normal environmental conditions specified in GB 3906-2006, it shall be negotiated between the user and the manufacturer.

Rated voltage 3/6/10
Maximum working voltage(KV) 3.6/7.2/12
Power frequency withstands voltage(kV) 42(1min)
Shock withstand electrical voltage(kV) 75
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated current(A) 630-3150
Rated thermal stability current(队/4s) 16-50
Rated dynamic steady current(kA) 40-125
Rated short circuit breaking current(kA) 16-50
Rated short-circuit switching current(kA) 40-125
Rated voltage (V) dc for switching and auxiliary circuits 24,30,48,60,110,220,AC110,220
Protection grade IP4X

Rated voltage Kv 3 6 10
Maximum working voltage Kv 3.6 7.2 12
Rated insulation level 1min Power frequency withstand voltage Kv 42
Lightning shock withstand voltage 75
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated current A 630, 1250, 1600,2000,2500,3150
Rated short-circuit breaking current (valid value) KA 16, 20, 25, 31.5, 40, 50
4S thermally stable current (valid value)   KA 16, 20, 25, 31.5, 40, 50
Rated dynamic stable current (peak) KA 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125,
Transient recovery voltage rise rate KV/ms 0.345 0.415
Transient recovery voltage peak Kv 20.6 30
Rated operation sequence   O-0.3S-CO-180S-CO
Automatic reclosing operation sequence   O-0.3S-CO-3min-CO
Multiple reclosing operation sequence   O-0.3S- CO -15S- CO -15S- CO
Closing time Ms 100 70
Open time Ms 20 45
Arc time Ms 15 15
ON OFF time ms 65 60