ZN28(A)-12 12KV Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit BreakerZN28(A)-12 Indoor AC h
Zn28-12 series vacuum circuit breakers are high voltage indoor switchgear with rated voltage of 12kV and three-phase ac 50Hz.a

The product conforms to the gb1984-2003 standard, and the overall structure of the product is the installation and installation of switch body and operating mechanism body

Switch body and operating mechanism separate installation of two forms.The integrated structure is zn28-12 basic type;The split type structure is zn28a-12, suitable for all kinds of fixed switchgear, such as GG1A(Z), XGN2A10(Z), etc.The product can be equipped with CD17 type direct current contact operating mechanism and CT19 type spring energy storage operating mechanism.

ZN28-12 系列真空断路器为额定电压12kV,三相交流50Hz的高压户内开关设备。一
该产品符合 GB1984-2003标准, 该产品总体结构为开关本体与操动机构 体安装和
开关本体与操动机构分离安装两形式。 一体式结构即为ZN28-12基本型;分体式结构为ZN28A-12型, 适用于各种固定式开关柜, 如GG1A(Z), XGN2A10(Z)等。该产品可配用CD17型直流电碰操动机构和CT19型弹簧储能式操动机构。

NO Item parameters
Rated voltage Kv 12
Rated insulation leve Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage 75((between phases, to ground)/85 (fracture) peak
1min power frequency withstand voltage 42(between ground) / 48 (fracture) Valid values
Rated Frequency HZ 50
Rated Current A 630,1250,630,1250,1600 1250,1600,1600,2000,2000,
Rated short-circuit breaking current KA 20 25 31.5 40
Rated thermal stability current {VALID} KA/S 20/4 25/4 31.5/4 40
Rated peak withstand current KA 50 63 80 100
Rated short-circuit closing current 50 63 80 100
Rated operation sequence   O-0.3S-OC-180s-OC
O-180S-CO180S-CO(AT 40KA)
Open time   ≤50
Closing time MS ≤60
Electrical life  Rated short circuit current open times time 50 30
I Rated current break times  
Mechanical life   10000
Contact allowed cumulative wear thickness Mm 3
Closing contact pressure N 2000±200 2400± 200 3100± 300 4700± 300
Contact Distance   11±1
Contact overtravel MM 4±1
Interphase center distance   230±1 (250±1,275±1)
Closing speed M/S 0.4~0.8
Open speed 0.9~1.4
Three - phase switching and closing are not in the same period MS ≤2
Contact closing bounce time ≤2
Main circuit resistance per phase µΩ ≤60 ≤50 ≤35