SGB10 dry type water proof 10/35 kv 3000kva transformerDry type transformer
SG(B)10 series environmental protection dry type transformer




Safe, reliable and environmental protection;

· low noise and maintenance free;

· strong overload capacity and high temperature resistance.


Major technological innovations

· high insulation grade;

· small partial discharge, never "crack";

· obtained many national patented technologies;

· core technology of relitong in the northern United States.






10kV SG(B)10 series environmental protection dry type transformer




· safe, reliable and environmental protection;

· low noise and maintenance free;

· strong overload capacity and high temperature resistance.



Major technological innovations

· high insulation grade;

· small partial discharge, never "crack";

· obtained many national patented technologies;

· core technology of relitong in the northern United States.





安全、 可靠、 环保;
· 低噪音、 免维护;
· 过载能力强,耐高温。

· 绝缘等级高;
· 局部放电小, 永不 “龟裂” ;
· 获得多项国家专利技术;
· 美国北部雷力通核心技术。




· 安全、 可靠、 环保;
· 低噪音、 免维护;
· 过载能力强,耐高温。

· 绝缘等级高;
· 局部放电小, 永不 “龟裂” ;
· 获得多项国家专利技术;
· 美国北部雷力通核心技术。

SG(B) model 10 H class insulated dry power transformer has strong thermal shock capacity, large international load capacity, fire resistance, low loss, small local discharge, low noise, no harmful gas, no environmental pollution, no sensitivity to humidity and dust, small size, no cracking, easy maintenance.Therefore, it is most suitable for fire protection, load fluctuation and dirty and damp environment.Such as: airports, power plants, metallurgical industry hospitals, high-rise buildings, shopping centers, densely populated areas and petroleum, chemical, nuclear power plants, nuclear submarines and other special environments.



High and low voltage coil

The high and low voltage coils are made of Nornex· insulation material, impregnated with solvent-free impregnating paint by VPI vacuum pressurized equipment for many times, and cured by baking at high temperatures for many times.The high-voltage coil adopts the continuous structure with high mechanical strength and good heat dissipation condition, which avoids the multi-layer cylinder wire coil layer voltage mu, poor heat dissipation ability, easy thermal breakdown, and low mechanical strength, thus improving the product and operation reliability.Low-voltage coil adopts anchor type or longitudinal airway large current spiral street.Impregnated coil moisture resistance is excellent, more able to withstand impact, with no turtle



The iron core

The core is made of silicon steel sheet with imported grain orientation, high quality and high magnetic conductivity.Fully inclined joint structure, winding and core leap adopt elastic fixed installation device, so that the transformer has lower no-load loss and noise.The surface of iron core is treated by special technology, which can reduce the noise of transformer and prevent the iron core from rusting.The upper and lower clamps are connected by the puller plate and fixed with the base. The windings are fixed by the elastic cushion block. The buffer structure can reduce the vibration of the windings and reduce the noise.



The shell

If users need, our company can provide protection grade IP20 and IP23 shell.The meaning of enclosure protection grade IP20 is: 12mm fixed foreign body is not allowed to enter.To ensure cooling air circulation, the bottom plate and top of the shell are made of mesh plate.The enclosure protection grade IP23 means that in addition to IP20, it can also prevent the water from pouring into the vertical line within 60° Angle.




Overheating protection

Take protective measures against coil overheating. There is a set of temperature protection piles for 315KVA and SG(B)10 dry type transformer.This device USES the temperature sensor embedded in the low-voltage winding as the signal source of the digital display instrument.When the temperature changes in the mortgage winding, the digital display instrument displays a new temperature value, and according to the temperature of the implementation of control and alarm function, to protect the transformer.




The new SG(B)10 is the highest safety dry type transformer.All insulation materials are non-combustion-supporting, self-extinguishing and non-toxic. Combustible materials are less than 10% of epoxy castable products. They are burned for a long time at 800℃ without toxic smoke.SG(B)10 new products are more superior in electric power, subway, shipping, chemical industry, metallurgy and other occasions where safety requirements are south, humidity and poor ventilation are good.




Excellent moisture resistance

Norn ex· insulation system dry transformers are good enough to withstand water intrusion.

Advanced VPI equipment and vacuum impregnation technology are adopted

UI approved high crystal impregnated paint for long term continuous operation at temperatures of 180℃ and above.

Norn ex· paper is completely impregnated with impregnated varnish.



Environmental protection

The new SG(B)10 crystal can be decomposed and recycled after its lifetime, which overcomes the defects of epoxy resin pouring dry transformer that cannot be decomposed after its lifetime due to the integration of resin and glass filament.



Overload capacity

SG(B)10 dry type power transformer adopts new structure, new material, new process, good heat dissipation, long life, strong overload capacity, can work safely and reliably for a long time under 120% overload.In P23 environment, it can run at full load for a long time without cooling.




Special coil design, process and material of SG(B)10 new crystal make the crystal production three defense

Excellent performance {anti-lake, anti-mildew, anti-salt fog), more able to withstand thermal shock, never crack, no local discharge.Insulation system based on Nornex· throughout transformer life

Maintain excellent electrical and mechanical properties.Nornex· non-aging, shrinkage and compression resistance, plus extra elasticity, ensure that the transformer coils remain tightly structured and withstand short circuit pressure even after years of service.




It's smaller and lighter

The new SG (B) 10 crystal USES dupont Nomex· paper as the main insulation material, and it is used as the mixed insulation system at the hot spot of transformer, which reduces the size and weight of the crystal compared with the same capacity of epoxy resin castable transformer.






高、低压线圈选用Nornex· 绝缘材料,并经VPI真空加压设备多次浸渍无溶剂浸渍漆,并多次高温烘焙固化。高压线圈采用机械强度高,散热条件好的连续式结构,避免了多层圆筒式线圈层间电压亩,散热能力差、容易热击穿,以及机械强度低,从而提高了产品及运行可靠性;低压线圈采用锚式或纵向气道大电流螺旋式街头。浸渍后的线圈防潮性能极佳, 更能承受冲击,用无龟

铁芯采用进口晶粒取向优质高导磁性能硅钢片叠装而成45。 全斜接缝结构,绕组与铁芯闰采用弹性固定安装装置,使变压器具有较低的空载损耗和噪声。铁芯建表面经特殊的工艺处理,既减低变压器噪声又使变压器在运行过程中铁芯不会锈蚀。铁芯有拉螺杆适度夹紧,上、下夹件由拉板连接并与底座固定为一体,绕组通过弹性垫块固定,缓冲结构可减轻绕组的震动成都和降低噪声。

如用户需要,我公司可提供防护等级为IP20和IP23的外壳。外壳防护等级IP20的含义为:不容许12mm的固定异物进入。为 保证冷却空气流通,外壳的底板与顶部由网孔板制成。外壳防护等级IP23的含义除通IP20外,还可防止垂线成60° 角以内的水淋入。





Norn ex·绝缘系统干式变压器足以抵挡水份的侵入。
UI认可的高晶质浸渍漆, 在180℃及以上的温度下可长期连续运行。
Norn ex· 纸完全由浸渍漆渗透浸渍。


SG(B)10型干式电力变压器采用新结构、新材料、新工艺、散热好、寿命长、过负荷能力极强,在120%过负荷下可长期安全 可靠工作。在P23环境下无需凤机冷却,仍可长期满负荷运行。

性能极佳{防湖、防霉、防盐雾),更能承受热冲击,永无龟裂、无局放电产生。以Nornex· 为基础的绝缘系统,在变压器的整个使用寿命期


体现更小、 重量更轻
SG ( B) 10型新产晶采用了杜邦Nomex·纸为主绝缘材料,并将其作为变压器最热点处的混合绝缘系统,使该产晶与同等容量的环氧树脂浇注式变压器产晶相比,减小了尺寸和重量。

20kV SG(B)10 series environmental protection dry transformer technical parameters 
Rated capacity (kvA) (kvA) Voltage combination No-load loss Loss under heat resistance grade H insulation(KW) No-load current % Rated short circuit impedance voltage(UK%)
HV HV tapping range LV 75℃ F120℃
315 20 ±5% OR
0.4 0.960 3.550 4.060 0.7 6
400 1.140 4.210 4.820 0.6 6
500 1.330 5.030 5.760 0.6 6
630 1.510 5.940 6.800 0.5 6
800 1.730 7.180 8.220 0.5 6
1000 2.040 8.500 9.730 0.5 6
1250 2.360 10.200 11.480 0.5 6
1600 2.760 12.040 13.790 0.5 6
12000 3.200 14.220 16.280 0.4 6
2500 3.820 16.830 19.270 0.4 6
3150 4.300 20.620 23.610 0.4 7