xl-21power distribution cabinetPower distribution box (low voltage switchgear)
Model xl-21 low voltage power distribution box is enclosed low voltage switchgear.The cabinet body is made of steel plate bent and welded.The operating handle of knife switch is installed above the front door of the distribution box.Can be used to find a power supply for cutting.There is a voltmeter in front of the distribution box indicating the voltage of bus bus.There is a door in front of the distribution box. After the door is opened, all the equipment in the distribution box will be open for maintenance.

Model xl-21 low-voltage power distribution box adopts the new electrical components in China, which has the features of compact structure, convenient maintenance and flexible combination of circuit schemes.



XL-21型低压动力配电箱系封闭式低压开关设备。柜体用钢板弯制焊接而成。刀开关操作手柄装于配电箱前门上部. 可以件为切找电源之用。配电箱前面装有一只电压表,指示汇流母线的电压。配电箱前面有门,门打开后, 配电箱内全部设备敞露,便于检修维护。

Rated working voltage: AC: 380V (50Hz)

Rated insulation voltage: AC: 660V

Rated current, rated short-term tolerance current and rated peak tolerance current of main bus;

630A, 15KA, 30KA (peak value}

Breaking ability of main switch: 15KA,

Delta electric shock protection categories: type I, Ⅱ mouth, mouth Ⅲ class



△额定工作电压: AC: 380V ( 50Hz )

△额定绝缘电压: AC: 660V
     630A、15KA、30KA (峰值}
△主开关的分断能力: 15KA,
△触电保护类别: I 类·、 Ⅱ类口、 Ⅲ类口