GCS low voltage indoor draw out type electric motor switchgearExtraction type lo
 Type GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as device) is two joint design according to the department in charge of industry, the majority of power users and design units developed in accordance with the requirements of design conditions, with high technical performance indicators, can adapt to power market development needs and can compete with the introduction of existing product low voltage draw-out switch cabinet.The device has been widely used by power users.

The equipment is suitable for power distribution system in power plant, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, high-rise building and other industries.In large power plants, petrochemical systems and other places with high degree of automation and requiring computer interface, it can be used as a low-voltage set for distribution, centralized control of motors and reactive power compensation in power and power supply systems with three-phase ac frequency of 50(60)Hz, rated working voltage of 380(400, 660)V and rated current of 4000A or below.



 GCS 型低压抽出式开关柜(以下简称装置)是两部联合设计组根据行业主管部门、广大电力用户及设计单位的要求设计研制出的符合国情、具有较高技术性能指标、能够适应电力市场发展需要并可与现有引进产品竞争的低压抽出式开关柜。该装置目前已被电力用户广泛选用。

     装置适用于发电厂、石油、化工、冶金、纺织、高层建筑等行业的配电系统。 在大型发电厂、石化系统等自动化程度高, 要求与计算机接口的场所, 作为三相交流频率为 50(60)Hz、额定工作电压为 380(400、660)V、额定电流为 4000A及 以下的发、供电系统中的配电、电动机集中控制、无功功率补偿使用的低压成套。
Ambient air temperature not higher than +40℃, not lower than -5℃.The average temperature within 24 hours shall not be higher than +35℃.When exceeding, the capacity shall be reduced according to the actual situation.

Indoor use, the altitude of the use area must not exceed 2000m.

Delta surrounding air relative humidity at the highest temperature of +40℃ is not more than 50%, at a lower temperature allowed to have a larger relative humidity E such as +20℃ is 90%, should be considered due to the temperature change may occasionally produce condensation.

Delta device installation with the tilt of the vertical plane is no more than 5%, and the whole cabinet is relatively flat (in line with gbj232-82 standard).

Delta devices should be installed without severe vibration and shock and insufficient electrical components should not be subject to corrosion.

Delta users have special requirements, can negotiate with the manufacturer to solve.



△周围空气相对湿度在最高温度为 +40℃时不超过50%,在较低温度时允许有较大的相对湿度E如+20℃时为90%,应考虑到由于温度的变化可能会偶然产生凝露的影响。
△装置安装时与垂直面的倾斜不超过5% ,且整组柜相对平整(符合GBJ232-82标准)。
△装置应 安装在无剧烈震动和冲击以及不足以使电器元件受到不应有腐蚀的场所。
Basic technical parameters
Basic technical parameters are shown in table 1
Main circuit scheme: the main circuit scheme of the device has a total of 32 groups and 118 specifications (see table), excluding the schemes and specifications derived from the control and protection of auxiliary circuits.Including the needs of power generation, power supply and other power users, the rated working current is 4000A, suitable for 2500KVa and below distribution transformer selection.In addition, the capacitor compensation cabinet is designed to meet the need of increasing power factor.Considering the need of comprehensive investment, the reactor cabinet is designed. 
Table 1
Rated voltage of main circuit(V)   AC 380(400)、(660)
Rated voltage of auxiliary circuit (V)   AC 220、 380(400)DC 110、 220
Rated frequency(Hz)   50(60)
Rated insulation voltage(V)   400(66a)
level of bus ≤4000
Rated current (A) Vertical busbar(MCC) 1000
Bus rated short time withstand current(kA/1s)   50, 80
Bus rated peak withstand current(kA/0.1s)   105,176
main circuit 2500
Power frequency test voltage(V/1min) Auxiliary circuit 1760
  Three phase four wire system A.B.C.PEN
Busbar Three phase five wire system A.B.C.PEN
IP   IP30.IP40