YBW-12 20kV 22kV 24kV MV/LV Compact Prefabricated SubstationPrefabricated substa
   YBW 系列预装式变电站是将高压电器设备, 变压器、低压电器设备等组合成紧凑型成套装置, 用于城市高层建筑、城乡建筑、 居民小区、高新技术开发区、 中小型工厂、矿山油田以及临时施工用电等场所,作配电系统中接受和分配电能之用。
       YBW 预装式变电站具有成套性强、 体积小、 结构紧凑、 运行安全可靠、维护方便、以及可移动等特点, 与常规土建式变电站相比, 同容量的箱式变电站占地面积通常仅为常规变电站的 1/10-1/5,大大减少了设计工作量及施工量, 减少了建设费用。在配电系统中, 可用于环网配电系统,也可用于双电源或放射端配电系统, 是目前城乡变电站建设和改造的新型成套设备。
       YBW 预装式变电站符合 GB 17467-2010 《高E低压预装式变电站》国家标准。

YBW series preinstalled type substation high voltage electrical equipment, transformers, low voltage electrical equipment such as combined into compact complete sets of equipment, for urban high-rise buildings, urban and rural construction, residential area, high and new technology development zone, small and medium-sized factories, mines, oil fields, and temporary construction etc, for receiving and distribution of electric energy in power distribution system.

YBW preinstalled type substation has complete sets of strong, small size, compact structure, safe and reliable running, convenient maintenance, as well as the characteristics of mobile, compared with the conventional civil type transformer substation, with the capacity of the box-type substation area usually only 1/10-1/5 for conventional substation, greatly reducing the workload of design and construction, reduce the construction cost.In the distribution system, it can be used for loop network distribution system, double power supply or radiating end distribution system.

YBW pre-installed substation conforms to GB 17467-2010 "high E low-voltage pre-installed substation" national standard.

日平均相对水蒸气压力≤ 2.2kPa,月平均相对水蒸气≤8kPa; 

Ambient air temperature: upper limit ≤+40℃, lower limit ≥-10℃,

Delta solar radiation: ≤1QOOW/m2·

Altitude: ≤1000m;

Ice coating: ≤20mm;

Wind speed:, ≤35m/s;

Humidity: daily average relative humidity ≤95%, monthly average relative humidity ≤ 90%;

Daily average relative water vapor pressure ≤ 2.2kpa, monthly average relative water vapor ≤8kPa; 

Seismic ≤8 degrees;

Places free of fire, explosion danger, severe contamination, chemical damage, and violent vibration;

Note: for special conditions, coordinate with manufacturer when ordering.


△本产品由高压配电装置、变压器及低压配电装置联接而成, 分成三个功能隔室, 即高压室、变压室和低压室, 高、低压室外功能齐全, 高压侧一次供电系统,可布置成环同供电、终端供电、双电源供电等多种供电方式, 还可装设 高压计量元件, 满足高压计量的需求。变压器室可选择S9、SC以及其他系列低损耗油浸式变压器或干式变压器;低压室根据用户 要求可采用面板或柜装式结构组成用户所需供电方案,有动力配电、照明配电、无功功率补偿、电能计量和电量测量等多种功能,满足用户的不同要求。并方便用户的供电管理和提高供电质量。

△高压室结构紧凑合理,并具有全面防误操作联锁功能。变压器在用户有要求时,可设有轨道能方便地从变压器室两侧大门进出。各室均有自动照明装置, 另外高、低压室所选用全部元件性能可靠、操作方便、使产品运行安全可靠、维护方便。
△箱变结构能防止雨水和污物进入,材料选用彩色钢板制作,有防腐隔热功能。具备长期户外使用条件,确保防腐、防水、防尘性能,使用寿命长, 同时外形美观。


Delta this product is composed of high voltage power distribution equipment, transformer and low voltage power distribution equipment connection and become, is divided into three functional compartment, namely, high voltage room, transformer room and low pressure chamber, high and low pressure outside the function is all ready, high side power supply system, can decorate cyclization with double power supply power supply, terminal power supply, power supply a variety of ways, can also be installed high pressure measuring element, meet the needs of high pressure measurement.Transformer room can choose S9, SC and other series of low-loss oil-immersed transformer or dry transformer;According to the requirements of users, low-voltage chamber can adopt panel or cabinet structure to form the power supply scheme required by users, with various functions such as power distribution, lighting distribution, reactive power compensation, electric energy measurement and electricity measurement, etc., to meet the different requirements of users.And to facilitate the user's power supply management and improve the quality of power supply.

The high pressure chamber is compact and reasonable, and has the function of preventing misoperation interlock.When the transformer is required by the user, the track can be conveniently used to enter and exit from the two sides of the transformer room.Each room is equipped with automatic lighting device. In addition, all the components selected for high and low pressure rooms are reliable in performance, convenient in operation, safe and reliable in operation and convenient in maintenance.

Two modes of natural ventilation and forced ventilation were adopted.Transformer room and high and low voltage room are equipped with ventilation duct, and the exhaust fan is equipped with temperature control device which can automatically start and close according to the set temperature to ensure the normal operation of the transformer.

The box variable structure can prevent rain water and sewage into the material selection of color steel plate production, anti-corrosion and heat insulation function.With long-term outdoor use conditions, ensure anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof performance, long service life, and beautiful appearance.

Name  UNIT HV Transformer LV
Rated voltage kV 10 10/0.4 0.4
Rated current A 630   100~2500
Rated frequency Hz 52 50 50
Rated capacity kVA   100~1250  
Rated thermal stability current KA 20/4S   30/1S
Rated dynamic stable current (peak) KA 50   63
Rated closing short circuit current (peak) KA 50   15~30
Rated on/off short circuit current KA 31.5(fuse)    
Rated breaking load current A 630    
Power frequency withstand voltage for 1min kV To earth、phases 42  fractures 48 35/28(5min) 2.0/2.5
Lightning shock withstand voltage kV To earth、phases 75 fractures 85 75  
Shell protection grade   Ip23 Ip23 Ip23
noise level dB   Oil type≤55、dry type≤65  
Loops way 1~6 2 4~30
Maximum reactive power compensation on low pressure side kvar     300

1 Main technical parameter of VCB ZN85-40.5 or VCB ZN12-40.5 equipped to main switch in KYN61-40.5 or XGN-40.5 switchgear.
No. Item Unit Data
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated insulation level kV 95 for 1min power frequency withstand voltage(effective)
kV 185 for rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (effective)
3 Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated current A 1250   1600
5 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 25   31.5
Rated short-time withstand current kA 25   31.5
Rated short circuit continuous time s 4
6 Rated peak withstand current kA 63   80
Rated short-circuit closing current(peak) kA 63   80
7 Rated operation sequence   Open-0.3s-close open-180s-close open
8 Breaking time ms <80
9 Rated breaking current(capacitor) A 630
10 Mechanical life   10000times
11 Rated operating voltage V -110/~110,-220~220
12 The current breaking times for rated short-circuit broken   20 times
2.See technical parameters of VCB ZN63A(VS1) installed in XGN36-12(DXG-12), KYN28A-12 related product of our company.
No. Item Unit Data Data Data Data Data
1 Rated voltage kV 12 12 12 12 12
2 Rated current A 630 1250 630,1250 630,1250,1600 1250,1600,2000 1250,2500,3150
3 Rated insulation level kV 42 42 42 42 42
75 75 75 75 75
4 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 16 20 25 31.5 40
5 Rated short-circuit closing current(peak) 40 50 63 80 100
6 Rated peak withstand current 40 50 63 80 100
7 Rated short-time withstand current 16 20 25 31.5 40
8 The current breaking times for rated short-circuit broken times 50 50 50 50 30
9 Rated short circuit continuous time S 4 4 4 4 4
10 Rated operation sequence Open-t-close-open-180s-close-open
11 Mechanical life time 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000
12 Rated breaking current(unit capacitors) A 630 630 630 630 630
13 Rated breaking current(back to back capacitors) A 400 400 400 400 400
Noted: 16KA,20KA,31.5KA: t=0.3s; 40KA: t=180s