GCK Low voltage drawout switchgear indoor typeExtraction type low voltage switch
GCK series motor control center is mainly composed of some combined motor control units and other functional units.These units are mounted in a closed metal cabinet in an overlapping manner above and below.Use the horizontal bus set above the cabinet to connect each cabinet together, and the functional units of the same cabinet are in parallel on the vertical bus.The cabinet body is divided into four mutually isolated areas such as horizontal bus area, vertical bus area, cable area and equipment installation area. The functional units are installed in their respective small rooms. When any one functional unit has an accident, it will not affect other units to prevent the expansion of the accident.

This product conforms to the standard of JB tin 9661-1999.This product USES the IP40 protection grade that IEC114 sets, when all doors and guard plate are closed, or when the door is opened and the function unit is moved out of position, all can reach the corresponding protection grade, so as to ensure personal safety.

The product is equipped with reliable grounding system and protection circuit, and all functional units can break the short circuit current according to the specified performance requirements.The incoming line element has three protection features.Therefore, the reliability of power supply and the safety of equipment and system can be guaranteed.

All functional units can be connected with PC cable board (programmable controller) or microprocessor through the interface, which can be used as the execution unit of the automatic control system. According to the needs of users, functional units and function combinations of other contents can also be provided. This product is suitable for ac 380V and 50Hz circuits.



GCK系列电动机控制中心, 主要是由一些组合式电动机控制单元, 和其它功能单元组合而成。这些单元以上下重叠的方式安装在封闭的金属柜体内。 用设置在柜体上方的水平母线,将每个柜体联结在一起,同一柜体的功能单元则并联在垂直母线上。柜体共分水平母线区、 垂直母线区、 电缆区和设备安装区等四个互相隔离区域,功能单元分别安装在各自的小室内,当任何一个功能单元发生事故时,均不影响其它单元,防止事故扩大。

      本产品符合 JB汀9661-1999标准。该产品采用IEC114规定的IP40防护等级,当所有的门和护板关闭时, 或门开启时以及功能单元外于移出位置时,均能达到相应的防护等级, 这样可确保人身安全。
该产品设置有完兽可靠的接地系统和保护电路,所有功能单元均能按规定的性能要求, 分断短路电流. 进线单元具有三段保护特性。因此,可以保证供电的可靠性,和设备与系统的安全。
      所有功能单元,均可通过接口件与 PC 线板(可编程序控制器)或微处理机连结,作为自动控制系统的执行单元,根据用户需要还可以提供其它内容的功能单元和功能组合, 该产品适用于交流380V,频率50Hz的电路中。
Key electrical properties comply with IEC standards of the international electrical commission and NEMA standards of the electrical manufacturers association of America.

Delta each cabinet can separate main and auxiliary circuit isolation transformer, auxiliary circuit operating power supply for 50Hz, 220V;The signal power supply is 50Hz and 6Va

Delta by the main switch with three sections (instant, short delay and overload) protection, for and the next level of the main switch (with instantaneous and overload two sections of protection) with the cancellation of an instant section, to avoid tripping.And has the self - technology, no self - throwing and switching devices for selection.

Horizontal bus with single bus section and not section two, when the use of single bus section, bus switch also has self - cast, no self - cast and switching devices.

Delta motor control circuit has short circuit instantaneous, overload, under voltage release and break bale protection.

The communication contact in each functional unit operates silently and has energy saving function.At the same time, there is a delay (greater than 0.3s, less than 0.5s) release when the power supply disappears.Therefore, if no motor is installed, the respective starting relay can be restored within 0.3s (reclosing or standby power source time is less than 0.3s) to ensure the motor to continue running.

Delta feeder main switch with instantaneous and overload protection, when the user needs, can be installed leakage protection.

Delta lighting and household electrical circuit main switch with instantaneous, overload and leakage protection, this circuit especially in the electric drill, portable grinder and other mobile electrical power supply.

The current circuit contains ammeter, active and reactive watt-hour meter.Ammeter and ammeter can be installed or not in 250A or above feeding circuit.Other circuits larger than 37kW or 60A are fitted with ammeters.A light and alarm device can be installed in case of accident.



△每台柜 可用隔离变压器将主、辅电路分开,辅助电路的操作电源为 50Hz, 220V;信号电源为50Hz、 6Va
△受电主开关具有三段 (瞬间、短延时及过载 )保护, 为与下一级主开关 (具有瞬时及过载二段保护)配合,取消瞬间一段,避免了越级跳闸。且具有自技、无自投和切换装置供选用。
△水平母线具有单母线分段和 不分段两种,当采用单母线分段时,母联开关亦具有自投、无自投和切换装置。
△电动机控制电路具有短路瞬时、 过载、欠压释放及断捆保护。
△馈电电路主开关具有瞬时和 过载保护,当用户需要时,可加装漏电保护。
△照明及家用电器电路主开关具有瞬成时,过载和 漏电保护,本电路尤宣於电钻、手提砂轮机等移动电器的供电。
△受电电路装有电流表、有功和无功电度表。250A 及以上馈电电路可装或不装电流表及电度表。其他大于37kW或60A的电路安装有电流表。 A事故时可加装灯光和报警装置。
type item   specification
GCK Conform to the standard   IEC439 NEMA ICS-2-322
Protection grade   IEC IP40, NEMA TYPE-1
Rated working voltage(V)   AC380
frequency(Hz)   50
Rated insulation voltage(V)   660
 Working conditions Environment INDOOR
altitude ≤2000m
environment temperature -50℃- +40℃,In storage and transportation conditions, the minimum temperature is -30℃
Relative humidity ≤85%
Control motor capacity(kW)   0.45-155
Mechanical life(TIMES)   500
Rated current(A) level of bus 1600、3150
Vertical busbar 630
Main circuit contact connector 160、250、630、400
Auxiliary circuit contact connector 20
Maximum current of feed circuit 160、400、630、250
electric circuit 1000、1600-2000、2500
Rated short time withstand current (kA) Valid values 50、80
peak 105、176
pressure(V/min)   2500